Zeb Ripple


A client recently told me that he appreciated that I took the time to clearly answer his questions and that I was a good teacher.

I remember thinking that was a somewhat odd compliment to give a broker, but as days passed and I had time to reflect upon his words, it became clear to me that this is how I approach business and life.

When we started Capital Pacific San Francisco over 13 years ago, my partners and I were determined to surround ourselves with the best and brightest talent in the business.  We endeavored to offer a platform that fostered three main categories: mentoring, integrity and teamwork.  During those early years, I learned that I enjoyed mentoring agents and staff. Not only did mentoring create a synergy in the office, it provided me with a greater understanding of how to communicate effectively with my clients.

For the past 4 years, I have coached my son’s youth lacrosse team. It is fulfilling for me to watch the players grow and come together as a team, learn to graciously handle both victory and defeat, overcome adversity, exhibit good sportsmanship and have fun. When you boil it down to a simple form, that’s what we strive to emulate here at Capital Pacific.

What’s different about Capital Pacific?

Our team approach and collaborative environment make us unique in the industry. At Capital Pacific, we have a culture of sharing information and teaching each other best practices. A team taking time away from their individual priorities to help better one another is something special. It translates to unmatched information, service and results for our clients.

What’s different about your approach to the business?

The greatest satisfaction I get in this business is when I am asked by clients to be an advisor to their greater financial picture. Understanding their long-term goals, devising a strategy with their financial planners, and working with heirs gives this business real meaning for me. I learned from my dad to always give honest, candid guidance and understand my clients’ objectives. By approaching every assignment in this manner, I have been successful in establishing long-term relationships.

What led you to a career in real estate?

After graduating college over twenty years ago, I moved to California and landed a dream job as a ski instructor at Squaw Valley - skiing over 100 days that season was a first (and last) for me. Nevertheless, after a year of living in the mountains, I felt the itch to live in a city. So my girlfriend (flash forward: wife) and I moved to San Francisco. I was hired by Chris Kostanecki and we have been business partners ever since.