Zandy Smith


Working in this business, I’ve learned that hard work and patience pays off.

I grew up fishing the Catskill Mountains with my uncles – an experienced group of anglers. They taught me the value of patience, persistence and how to adjust my approach when the fish weren’t biting. Since moving out west 15 years ago, I’ve fished a wide variety of waters and honed my technique. As is the case with Commercial Real Estate, there is no substitute for experience. Having been in this business for a decade, I’ve learned how to read deals – just like the water – and understand what’s happening beneath the surface for my buyers and sellers. Real estate is complex and I welcome this challenging aspect of the work. When I fish new waters, I never hesitate to hire an experienced guide to teach me what works and how to produce the most fish activity. Capital Pacific is essentially an office full of experienced guides and we freely share industry know-how with one another. My ultimate goal is to get my clients what they want and to close deals. I’m a natural people connector and love nothing more than finding common ground in order to bring a deal to completion.


What’s the best thing about working at Capital Pacific?

It may sound cliché, but Capital Pacific is like a family. Everyone here works as a team. The Partners are great mentors and leaders. My clients love that when they hire me they also have access to our network of brokers and the varied expertise of the firm. In commercial real estate this sort of camaraderie is rare.

How did your early life shape your outlook?

My family is my rock -- they have been a very stabilizing force throughout my life. My father was the headmaster of an all-boys boarding school for 25 years. Both he and my mother taught me the importance of character, how to act with integrity, to always treat others with respect and how resilience during tough times can set you on your feet again. My upbringing – combined with my years of competitive sports --have given me the confidence to take on new challenges in my career and helped shape me into the kind of broker I am today. My clients find that I am reliable, honest, and stable while also being incredibly driven to win deals and make good on my promises.

How do you approach client relationships?

I’m passionate about what I do, and I bring this passion to my clients every day. Building great relationships is the key component of my approach. My natural personality is to want to help people. I have a unique approach where I am tenacious and also very patient. My skills as a fly fisherman have taught me to be flexible, patient, and always look for alternative solutions. As a fisherman, you need patience to catch a fish, and you need to be able to adapt and change the strategy, like a different line, bait, etc. Similarly, in this industry you need to be flexible and have new ideas to make a deal. Just like with fishing, you need to also like the process as well as the end result.