Willa Rector

Marketing Associate
  1. Being from a small town in Montana ingrained in me that your word is everything, the people you associate with are just as important as the life choices you make, and to see every roadblock you come across as a building block.

Inside Capital Pacific, there’s a thriving environment where you are pushed to bring your best self every day. My marketing and design journey is ever-evolving and each day I learn something new – the day I stop learning, is the day I stop living.

The passion behind my love for visual communication and design comes from a desire to be able to communicate with everyone – I get excited about figuring out what makes people engage. I love unlocking what makes people tick and building lasting relationships upon those findings.

When I am not behind my desk, I am either exploring the surrounding area and trails with my lab/husky, playing in a soccer league, or immersed in a concert with friends. I strive to live life out loud, to always put my best foot forward, and to leave people better than when I found them.

How did your early life shape your outlook?

I began playing soccer at a very young age and continued playing in college and into my adult life. I don’t know which I love more, the sport itself or the lessons I’ve learned from it. The most important thing I learned was to not take criticism personally, but as motivation to be better. Also, that success isn’t given, it’s earned, and to always lead with my best foot forward. I live by the saying, “Leave it all on the field,” so I strive to always give my best effort, with the truest of intentions, and hopefully, there will be no room for regret.

What do you do to recharge your batteries outside of the office?

There is just something about getting lost in the mountains that's so refreshing, it’s a sure-fire way to help me sort through obstacles, issues, or put things into perspective. I spend as much time as I can outdoors and usually with my sidekick, Chloe, who is a lab husky mix. We have been on so many adventures around the Pacific Northwest, from camping on the beaches of the Oregon coast to hiking in the North Cascades.

What is your secret to an ultra-productive day?

Upon waking up I spend the first few moments of my day writing down current goals, aspirations, and gratitudes. It keeps my motivation and outlook in check and helps start my day on a positive note.