Tiffany Wright

President & Partner

It took me a while to figure this out, but the most valuable thing to me in my professional life is being part of a great, winning team.

I am never lacking passion; however, what I realized after many years of leadership and philanthropic work is what really drives and motivates me is the people I surround myself with. I also realized I have a low tolerance for mediocrity and with that combination, Capital Pacific is such a great fit for me. I get to surround myself with A+ players that all drive to continuously improve. We are dedicated to our clients and offering the greatest experience; however, none of that is possible unless the whole team is aligned and working together.

I truly believe we are all smarter when we work together and I am honored to be part of the Capital Pacific Team. I am so respectful of the culture and success that existed before I arrived, but truly appreciate how the entire team continues to push ourselves to just keep getting better. There are no walls at Capital Pacific and our environment fosters collaboration, trust and high integrity. The team has embraced my leadership, tolerates my sense of humor and even dresses in costume with me on Halloween.

It is my role at Capital Pacific to lead the overall team of operations. You can expect an experience from us with the highest level of service with respect, commitment and professionalism.

What is your background?

I got a call from a dear friend of mine that I needed to check out a position open at Capital Pacific. I hesitated for a while as my background wasn’t in this industry nor was I sure if I honestly had any interest in commercial real estate. I promised I would at least meet the team and hear more about the position. I walked in the door at the Portland office and knew I found my place. It is hard to quantify or describe – I could just feel it. People choose people! Capital Pacific is based on deep, meaningful relationships that are forged by truly authentic people. It sounds a little cliché, but if you have interacted with us there is no denying it. We are successful, innovative, honest and edgy. The Capital Pacific team works collaboratively and is fully engaged with one other. We have high expectations of ourselves and each other in a fully collaborative and committed environment. I am so thankful I decided to come to the office that day. This is the exact type of environment I thrive in and love to be part of.

What is something you live by?

I love the saying – live each day like your hair is on fire. It resonates with me as I usually have more energy than I really know how to appropriately handle. I laugh a lot, and I find my own jokes especially funny. I am a thrill seeker by nature and find the thought of getting in a shark cage exhilarating. I love to ski, watch my Yankees play, take my dog on a run or just watch a movie (with popcorn of course). Above all else – I love more than anything spending time with family & friends.