Sean Tufts


Skiing a challenging line represents what I love most about brokerage. Navigating ski lines and transactions seem both widely different but so close at the same time.

There are significant challenges, known and unknown, around every bend, hill, and deal point. After college, spending time in Jackson Hole, skiing the most challenging terrain in the country, settling for a punch-the-clock 9-5 was something that didn’t resonate. Real estate is the truest sense of something that never sleeps. Seeing and experiencing the thing you are selling, while having an impact on the community I was born and raised in was something that no other industry could offer.

The only way to better yourself as a skier is to surround yourself with people you can learn from and who will challenge you every day. That is the exact reason I left another brokerage firm to start the Seattle office of Capital Pacific. The intense focus I learned while staring down a narrow shoot has given me the ability to provide the best guidance to my clients in my specific area of expertise. Every day, I wake up for the challenge of the deal like I wake up ready to ride that first chairlift up.

What’s different about Capital Pacific?

Having worked at two other brokerage firms in the past, the biggest difference at Capital Pacific is the team attitude. While most companies claim they work as a team, Capital Pacific lives and breathes it. We are truly all in this together, whether that is by collaborating with every department on our marketing packages or by bringing in the right broker for the right assignment. What is best for the client, not the broker, really steers our decisions and process.

What’s different about your approach to the business?

My approach to investment brokerage has always been to first and foremost do things the right way. Surprisingly, even though it is a major city, the Seattle real estate community is extremely small. Decisions people make in the short term can have long term implications so going about my career knowing that I will be doing this a long time has always been critical. Whether a property sells today or in five years, what matters is I provide the best guidance I can to meet the goals and needs of the client and situation.

What was your first job?

My first job was spending summers at Northwest Soccer Camp on Whidbey Island. Starting at 12, I was mainly responsible for things like pumping up soccer balls, helping chalk fields and getting water to the fields. Besides the day to day work, it surrounded me with great people and allowed me to spend weeks out of the house and city. That is also how I learned to drive a stick shift on a very old, beat up, red truck with a very loose clutch.