Michael Horwitz


Since I was just a youngin’, I have always looked for ways to differentiate and find paths that did not necessarily lead down roads that others followed.

I didn’t want to be different to make a point, but instead to move towards improvement.  Today, in a world where most firms are simply looking to get bigger, I remain committed to driving Capital Pacific towards improvement built around our clientele.  We will continue to refine our expertise and avoid the draw to try and be all things to all people. We will do so in a way that speaks powerfully to the industry and the clientele that we serve.

I think decisions ultimately come down to a single truth – People Choose People.  This can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, but I believe the core of that outcome is driven from our unshakable commitment to Higher Expectations.  We are always working to foster an environment where committed people get to play at their highest levels and be around other like-minded people.  Together Outperforming!

I’m a culture guy.  When it comes to the fiber and character of an organization, everything works or does not work at that cellular level. You can’t fake culture and you can’t buy it. It’s organic and the market figures it out very quickly. I am constantly looking for opportunities to reinforce the culture of Capital Pacific and to remind myself and others what the experience should be for a client of our firm.

As one of the partners at Capital Pacific, I get to think strategically to help drive initiatives and leadership for our company, our clientele, and our followers.  The idea of Together. Outperforming. is a perfect marriage of our cultural bedrock in terms of how we share and work together, as well as the performance our clientele expect.  All of my partners have been with me for many years and while we will continue to evolve and grow, we remain anchored by our belief that our approach, our consistency, and our commitment to our niches will continue to allow us to keep our clientele ahead of the curve.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Wake up, coffee strong enough to float a horseshoe, a big activity for the day that leaves you feeling like you did something special that day. A proper cocktail hour at dusk and then a BBQ with some wine and friends… and most important of all - dessert…Bed by 10!