Joe Caccamo


I believe that wealth creation is a beautiful thing. And I also believe that few careers afford the opportunity to support and participate in wealth creation than commercial real estate brokerage here in the United States.

I also believe that life is too short to miss out on the best aspects of it because of ego or avarice. That means that I put relationships and integrity first, and know that the money will flow as a result of having the right priorities, of taking the high road, of genuinely caring about my clients’ best interests… and performing.

I have a reputation for making myself heard and for bulldog tenacity. That might have something to do with being the youngest of seven boys and scrapping for seconds. I grew up in Garden City, NY.  My father is self-made and  helped put us boys through college (I went to Washington & Lee University and like most Generals, I’m very proud of it) working as an international sales rep for forty years for Columbus, Ohio-based Lancaster Colony Corporation. He taught me a lot about the values I ascribe to today.

I have been in retail real estate for more than 25 years; initially as a broker doing tenant rep work in Northern California with Epsteen & Associates (the founding Chain Links brokerage firm); then as the national director of real estate for Atlanta-based Wolf Camera; and finally here at Capital Pacific as a partner and investment sales specialist since 2004. I understand retail real estate and I know how to sell it.

I now live in Santa Monica, CA where I’ve been expanding Capital Pacific’s relationships with investors and brokers, although I am a true road warrior, constantly traveling throughout the U.S. where my listing assignments take me.

What’s different about your approach to the business?

I really care more about creating a great relationship with my client than about a specific deal. This means that I sometimes have to tell a client that he/she is better off keeping the deal, adding more term, refinancing, etc…if I really believe it’s in my client’s best interests. Integrity is really important to me, and I will never compromise that just to make a deal.

What’s the best thing about working at Capital Pacific?

Trust and loyalty are valued highly at Capital Pacific. Over the years in the senior leadership we have built a strong alignment on these core values. We don’t always agree on everything but everyone knows that the common goal is loyalty, transparency and trust in everyone having the best interest for each other and the company. We actually really enjoy each other’s company and choose to hang out together as friends. Our tight-knit culture is phenomenal. I think we have about as much fun together as a group of adult human beings can possibly have, while respecting each other’s unique personalities and being highly successful. I always say if I wasn’t with Capital Pacific, I probably wouldn’t be in the business.

How did your early life shape your outlook?

I was the youngest of seven children in my family. Growing up in a high energy environment with many dynamics resulted in me being very emotionally aware of my surroundings, and I developed a great perspective as a result. Over the years, I’ve studied humanity quite deeply…motivation, fear, greed, love, generosity…all played out in many ways. I believe this has helped me to have a broader perspective on things like being more intelligent in my deal-making and client relationships, and in maintaining my own sense of balance which is critical to self-preservation and happiness.