Erica Seward

Senior Transaction Director

I first entered this business in 1997 as Michael Horwitz’s assistant.  I came in with a Zoology degree and no real estate experience.

Little did I know how the “study of animals” would help me in real estate transactions. Real estate is not just about transacting business, it is also about the relationships and interactions of individuals. It is a mating dance of sorts. We come together, puff up our feathers and put on our best display. The culmination is the measure of success, but the dance along the way is the experience.

My experience at Capital Pacific has taken me from a small three-person office to a robust boutique real estate firm. “Back in the day” I held just about every position imaginable in our company, which allowed me to become well rounded in the real estate business. My primary focus has always been to manage a transaction from cradle to paycheck, to be accessible to our clients, facilitate a seamless transaction, and I am fully engaged in all aspects of a transaction. I embody the adage of “I will get it done.”

Education & Certifications

University of Washington, B.A.

Washington Licensed Real Estate Broker: WA #74972

Oregon Licensed Real Estate Broker: OR #980900091

What led you to a career in real estate?

Short answer…..Chance. I initially took a position at our previous real estate company as a receptionist knowing that the office manager was leaving and I would be taking her position. Shortly after I started, Michael recognized something in me and hired me as his assistant. It has been a 20 year journey with many stories to tell. We didn’t even have scanners when I started and a paperless office was nothing but a dream.

Did you have a mentor in the business?

Absolutely! Not having a drop of real estate experience, I learned on the job. Michael Horwitz pushed me beyond what I thought were my limits. Sitting in on his meetings was similar to watching a maestro conduct a symphony. It was truly amazing. He pushed me to find solutions on my own, to problem solve on the fly, and to task it and forget, allowing me to do more. I was constantly learning how to do more in a faster and more efficient way. I live my life this way and consistently look at a process to determine if it can be done more efficiently.

What was your first job?

I grew up on a farm town at the base of Mount Rainier. My first job was with the Youth Conservation Corp at Mount Rainier. I initially worked on a small crew that maintained the trails. I then moved onto the road crew who was responsible for clearing the brush from the sides of the road. It was one of my favorite jobs. I was able to spend my summer outside in nature, glimpsing views of my favorite mountain, and work beside my high school buddies.