David Gellner


Prior to joining Capital Pacific, I served as a fire fighter near my home town of Lake Stevens, Washington. It was an honor to serve the residents and be able to assist them in their most dire times of need.

The economic events of 2008 spurred me to attend college and become the first person in my family to obtain a four-year degree. While studying at Central Washington University, I took an interest the business of investing. I knew then I had to divert from my fire service path and enter the commercial real estate industry.

Meeting with my now partners, Michael Horwitz and Sean Tufts, I learned more about the inner workings of Capital Pacific and its vision. It mirrored what I missed most about my time in the fire service: an immensely strong camaraderie, a desire to be the best in every area we serve, and a deeper purpose for why we do what we do.

Being a partner at Capital Pacific has made me realize how ‘different’ the platform really is. All of us come from completely different backgrounds but have been drawn to the culture and values that the company lives by: honesty, loyalty, and total transparency – a.k.a. ‘no bullshit’.

What’s different about your approach to the business?

Discipline and energy. I promise my clients, and myself, that no other broker will make more calls and use more energy in order to get their asset sold.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned?

Don’t sugarcoat the truth. Say what needs to be said. Immediately.

How did your early life shape your outlook?

I was the smallest kid with the biggest mouth growing up. This forced me to learn how to make friends and gave me the tenacity I have today.