Dave Lucas


I have been with Capital Pacific as a broker for almost a decade.

I came from a large national brokerage company seeking an environment that would accentuate all the skills I had learned in my career in investment brokerage. I found the right brokerage company that fit with my philosophies and strengths. I also found that the same principals for success are as applicable at Capital Pacific as they are in most facets of life. Dedication. Hard work. Surrounding myself with great people that push me to be better every day. As a company, Capital Pacific remains nimble in the ever changing real estate market.  We work hard to maintain fitness as an organization and as individuals.

I represent buyers and sellers. My clients range from private investors I met over a decade ago to publically traded REITs. My background in finance has allowed me to build relationships with a huge range of lenders including regional banks and special servicers.

I am passionate. I get excited about real estate. Every day for me represents new opportunity. I don’t believe I could work in a more entrepreneurial environment. I accomplish my goals through positive thinking and empower the people I communicate with to think positively. I meet with my clients in person. I stay focused. I always remember to laugh.

What’s different about Capital Pacific?

Although there’s a lot that separates Capital Pacific from other brokerage firms, what really sets us apart is that our clients want to work with our firm. Capital Pacific is unique in that everything about our model puts our clients and their interests first. We also have a reputation with other brokerage firms and vendors for acting professionally, cooperating, and treating each person fairly. Simply put, this translates to consistent success. When looking to hire as your broker, you can’t afford not to work with the best. How much will it cost you if you don’t?

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned?

In the long run, very little has to do with luck. The true key to success is hard work and maintaining your integrity by treating others the way you want to be treated. My philosophy is to work hard and always practice the Golden Rule. The clients I admire the most seem to live by this philosophy.

What’s your secret to a successful transaction?

Surprise kills deals, problems don’t. In my career in brokerage, I’ve encountered almost every issue that has the potential to hinder a deal. My talent is spotting them early and getting in front of them with a game plan. By always staying one move ahead and knowing the solutions to each possible obstacle, I can get any transaction to a close.