Chris Kostanecki


I grew up with the belief that it is not what you do, but how you do it that matters. 

In twenty-five years of active participation in this industry I could write a book about my experiences. I worked my way up from the very bottom to the pinnacle of one of the country’s largest brokerage firms before co-founding Capital Pacific San Francisco in 2004. I started our company because I wanted to build a collaborative team that is service oriented and built on relationships and trust. Our goal was to build the best boutique investment sales team in the USA that was nimble, efficient, and driven by committed team members.

The industry has rewarded our model. Our high volume of business consistently earns us a ranking as one of the leading investment sales brokerage companies in the US, and we’ve been selected to manage premier assignments for many of the leading private and public retail owners in the country. We have also pioneered trend-setting investment strategies that have transformed the middle market that we serve.

I credit my past mentors and my current partners, Zeb Ripple and Chris Peters, for the value Capital Pacific has created for our clients. The keys to success are hard work, perseverance and a strict focus on our niche.

What is your position at Capital Pacific?

I play a leadership role within Capital Pacific and work on a daily basis to ensure that the culture and values of the company are upheld. My actions are both outward to the industry and inward to the organization. I mentor my team on the importance of doing the hard work up front and finding creative solutions for the challenges of each transaction, large or small. Accountability and being candid are business basics. The highest reward is seeing positive outcomes for our clients. I'm immensely proud of our organization, our reputation and how we have helped clients and employees grow.

How do you approach client relationships?

I share my insight and experience with our clients with the goal of achieving success in every transaction. I listen and evaluate what the needs are. I offer a balanced response based on what’s best for the client and what’s executable. I help them understand and manage the risks and try to predict any issues so that there aren’t surprises on the deal. I evaluate the property like a buyer would and vet the issues upfront; then we set the strategy. The trick is not wasting time, and not having failed escrows. For example, in a single tenant deal, it may seem straightforward but in reality there are many nuances. It’s our job to identify these nuances and pressure points for the deal and set strategy to get the deal done right.

What do you do to recharge your batteries outside of the office?

I’m an East Coast native, having grown up in Connecticut. After graduating from the University of Vermont, I settled in San Francisco and followed my passion for commercial real estate, which has been my sole career focus. My beautiful and talented wife Jennifer and I have 2 children, Nicholas and Sophie. We live in Marin county and we're avid skiers, sail a family boat and enjoy traveling.