Cassie Balducci

Marketing Associate

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I am a huge San Francisco Giants baseball fan, and love to go to Oracle Park to see them play. As I have always loved to write, I took a chance on a Marketing position as an intern right out of high school to see if I wanted to pursue it in college. I fell in love with the creativity aspect and continued interning in Marketing until I graduated from Saint Mary’s College of California and found this position.

My outlook on life is that there are no limits to what you can accomplish if you set your mind to it. Growing up with siblings close to my age, I developed a competitive spirit, but also one that thrived on teams and supporting others. I learned the importance of improving myself while helping others to do the same, and I am constantly reminded to chase my dreams.

What’s the best thing about working at Capital Pacific?

From the second I walked in the door on my first day, I felt welcomed and like I was truly a part of a team. I have support from everyone, and the feeling that the entire team is so willing and wanting to help each other so we can all succeed is strong.

What do you enjoy doing most outside of the office?

I love to travel and am lucky that my family usually goes on a big trip each year. The most recent trip I went on was to Portugal and Spain. I also studied abroad during college at Queen Mary University of London. It was definitely an experience that I will cherish as I made friends from all over the world. When I’m not travelling, I love to hike, ski, and go to concerts.

What’s your secret to an ultra-productive day?

I have an affinity for creating way too many lists to keep track of what I am working on and what I hope to accomplish each day. I also really love the feeling of being able to cross things off when I have completed them. Beyond that, I need a good night of sleep or else about 3 cups of coffee.