Anthony Seiler


I was born and raised in the east bay of San Francisco, and have always called Northern California my home.

I recently graduated from the University of Southern California in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Real Estate Finance). While there, I studied in specifically-tailored business classes that aligned with my career goals in order to prepare myself for the world of commercial real estate. Marshall’s world-renowned professors as well as my equally driven classmates pushed me every day to succeed.  Upon returning to the Bay Area, I was fortunate enough to start my career at an excellent brokerage firm which continues to allow me to hone my abilities daily, ever-improving alongside the top-tier brokers and staff at Capital Pacific.

During my free time, you can usually find me at the gym or spending time with friends. I always appreciate a good book and pleasant conversation, and try to spend as much of my time in the outdoors as possible, whether hiking through the wilderness or snowboarding down a mountain.

How did your early life shape your outlook?

Throughout my early life, I was always a part of a team through sports. In high school football and lacrosse I formed bonds with my teammates that will last forever. I enjoyed a culture of collaboration, with a healthy spirit of competition. I always strove to win, but not without my team alongside me. This translates into the commercial real estate brokerage business, as the goal is always to close a deal, but it is who you work with to do it and the relationships you build that matter in the end.

What’s the best thing about working at Capital Pacific?

The best thing about Capital Pacific is the people I work with every day. I can learn so much from their experience and everyone is always kind and willing to help guide me as I quickly learn the ropes of real estate. Being surrounded by so many elite brokers drives me to succeed and rise to their level, always moving forward.

What motivates you to succeed?

I’m motivated by the need to improve myself every day. When I wake up in the morning. I set goals on how specifically I can tackle the day and better myself in the process. Success is a journey; there is no magic big break. I find that the harder I work to succeed, the luckier I am. I strive to take minor steps every day to achieve my major goals.