Allie Burgess

Senior Financial Analyst

Outside of the office you’ll most likely find me playing with my shepherd-labradoodle mix dog, trying out new Portland restaurants, or kayaking different parts of Oregon with my husband.

I’m from the Pacific Northwest and like every Oregonian try to take advantage of the summer months with outdoor activities including boating, swimming, biking, and wine tasting.  I have a passion for puzzles and games as far back as I can remember and once solved a giant book of Sudoku puzzles through a 10-hour flight, thus it is fitting that “Financial Analyst” is my job title as I strive to piece together and interpret data in an effective way.

What led you to a career in real estate?

I was exposed to the brokerage aspect of commercial real estate while working as an Assistant Portfolio Manager overseeing 100M+ square foot portfolio of retail and mixed-use investment properties throughout Oregon and Washington. I glimpsed the fast-paced, multi-faceted world of commercial brokerage and was captured by Capital Pacific's stellar reputation and cutting-edge culture. When I learned of an opening I jumped at the opportunity to join the Portland team, and am thrilled to be part of something that sets the standard in our industry.

What is the most important lesson you've learned?

My professional career began much earlier at Nordstrom. This experience shaped my professional philosophy based on the belief that relationships built around integrity and authenticity are the strongest relationships, and that providing next-level service, energy, or quality, is what separates great companies from good ones. These same traits are integral to Capital Pacific’s culture and what makes it the Nordstrom of the brokerage community.

Where was your favorite place you have ever traveled?

My favorite place I’ve ever traveled to is Cinque Terre, a small coastal Italian city named for five smaller cities it’s made up of, all located alongside pristine beaches and cliffs linked to one another through a hiking trail, just south of Portofino. This small city encapsulates the things I love most – good wine and food, time spent with loved ones, lounging in the sun, and enjoying a salami panini and “coca lite” on the beach – my kind of vacation!