CP Exchange | Portland 2018

­The sixth year of CP Exchange was in full swing on March 1st, held at the Evergreen in Portland, OR.

This year Capital Pacific brought together two excellent guest speakers, Paige Pitcher from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Patrick Callahan from Urban Renaissance Group, to share their insights on the disruptive impact of autonomous cars and the future of commercial real estate developments in urban and suburban settings. The event commenced with a Q&A, moderated by Michael Horwitz and Kevin Adatto of Capital Pacific, where guests “asked” the speakers questions, in real time, via text.


The Speakers:

Patrick Callahan  |  Urban Renaissance Group

Paige Pitcher  |  Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Insights from Paige Pitcher

“Autonomous vehicles by 2040 are going to be the majority of the US parking fleet, the US Fleet, period.”

Insights from Patrick Callahan

“The millennials are supposed to prefer the city center but we are finding that they can’t afford it. Millennials are already in the suburbs, in mass.”


Insights from Paige Pitcher

“Ownership models are changing and our transportation subscriptions are becoming automated, and what that means is about a $120B opportunity across the US.”

RE: Automated Mobility Services by 2025

Insights from Patrick Callahan

“Transit oriented development, the extra value next to these transit stops, is definitely a child of the last 15-20 years. Ultimately your prediction has to be measured. That measurement determines if that prediction was right and that measurement is ultimately rents.”

RE: Work Drop-off Transit Hubs