New Construction Build-To-Suit Taco Bueno in Booming Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO
Price $1,912,686

Delivering Premium Pricing and an All Cash Buyer to a Valued Developer Client

When a client trusts us with repeat business, there is a greater duty to resist the temptation to become complacent. In the case of this Taco Bueno, the situation was no different. With three locations in the pipeline and more potential development opportunities down the road, the developer needed to get Taco Bueno sold so they could recycle the capital and focus on the remaining sites.

Insights from the team

Strong Economic Growth in Colorado Market

The Colorado market, specifically Denver and Colorado Springs, have seen enormous growth over the past several years. This has made it a very attractive investment destination for West Coast 1031 investors in particular. From a pro-business economic environment to its excellent climate and affordable housing, few states enjoy the combination of attributes that Colorado does. And with its strong military presence and attractive demographics, Colorado Springs stands out as a premier market within the already appealing state.

“With a newer concept like Taco Bueno, we knew that investors would want to understand what is driving the growth in the market. In the case of Colorado Springs, the story has many facets:  a growing population with above average incomes, a strong employment base related to the military and aerospace industries (including a number of Fortune 500 companies), a robust health and services sector, numerous highly respected institutions of higher education, as well as a growing retiree presence and tourism to round it out. Colorado Springs is exceptionally positioned to thrive now and well into the future.”

Maggie Clancy, Executive Assistant & Research Analyst



383 Spectrum Loop, Colorado Springs, CO, United States