Broad experience.
Intimate knowledge.
Team-driven expertise.

Our Approach

What we’re not.

In an industry where closing the sale is often prioritized over the client’s needs, human interaction becomes merely a means to an end. Breaking with tradition, Capital Pacific offers something distinctly different.

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    Confined to
    the same information.

    We are not confined to a database containing the same, tired information. Our boots-on-the-ground approach is integral to our process and provides you with access to hidden markets.

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    Competing with one another.

    At Capital Pacific, you’re hiring an entire company. You are unleashing the collective intelligence and database of 18 Partners, alongside a dedicated team of professionals.

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    Tell you what you want to hear.

    We don't have a sales pitch. Relationships falter in our industry because of empty promises – we will remain candid and offer you executable advice based on our well-informed market insight.

Our Approach

So then, what are we?

We do things differently, and that’s exactly how we like it. We love and devote ourselves to the people we work with, both clients and each other. We build relationships, not because of the business, but because the people around us are important. We learn from them and grow together. We are authentic and advocate for pushing past ordinary.

Our Approach

Collaboration & cooperation.

Our agents collaborate on every assignment and fully cooperate with external brokers. This approach allows us to gain insights from our shared experiences and deliver exceptional results.

Our Approach

Uniquely knowledgeable.

Leveraging our team-driven expertise and shared resources, we lead with a candid confidence - backed by a tailored process that works. Our innovative way of doing things sets us apart from the rest.

Our Approach

National reach, regional approach.

With relentless research and the sharing of information, we craft a tailored approach to your asset based upon its region.

Commercial real estate is not
one size fits all.

Select a region below and see how we customize our approach in each region.

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